TOUR UPDATE #1: Getting Weird In Prague

Hello from a kindergarten nap room in Prague, CZ, the most bizarrely neat sleeping arrangement to date. Slumber farty!... jingle bells, Dan-O smells. But for real, major supreme shout out to Czech friends Tereza and Lucie for putting us up while we're here. It's been a crusty adventure since we crossed the border to the Czech Republic and it's only gotten weirder. Allow me to explain with this video...

Preorders are still available for Hi-Fi D.I.Y.–and the 7" Split, Cigaretiquette. Your support helps us survive the road to Berlin! [featured_products columns="3"]

See you buddies Thursday for the Hi-Fi D.I.Y. MiniAlbum release party at the Ramones Museum in Berlin.

Much respect,


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