When I need Karate, you're my Miyagi - New MiniAlbum + 7" on PREORDER

Black Taxi Car - Single #1 from Hi-Fi D.I.Y., featuring the singing talents of Nicole Rae (Traveling Suitcase) & guitar work of Eric McFadden (George Clinton/P-Funk). Shares and "thumbs ups" on the videos are neato but by no means obligatory.

Last week we announced the upcoming release of the Hi-Fi D.I.Y. Mini-Album. Today, it's available for pre-order along with our first 7" vinyl, Cigaretiquette. Pre-orders help us raise the funds to get everything printed and packaged and shipped out to you.

Hi-Fi D.I.Y. is an American rock/indie album produced by Violent Femmes co-founder Victor DeLorenzo & will be released 15 October at the Ramones Museum in Berlin, Germany. Cigaretiquette is a split with side B featuring Blessed Feathers–a tremendous band out of Arizona, USA. It's an anti-anxiety song written in a particularly rough patch when the synapses in my brain were firing rapidly and unhealthily. A song about putting a band-aid on head-traffic before finding a more permanent solution. Zen has never been easy for me, but is comes with patience.

It feels right to share these songs with you and I hope they find their way into your headphones, car, gramophone & life in general.

Pick your poison below (also available as a package)