The thing that threatens our sanity most


Panic attacks were becoming pretty routine. I'd have 8 windows open on my computer all at once. A new email would come in and completely derail me from what I was working on. By the end of the day I'd have worked 10 hours with no visible progress. It was taxing to have little control over my own brain.


How do you focus on anything with the relentless bombardment of media from all sides all the time? It's a digital mine field of instagrams, amazon offers, free new music, emails, bla bla blah etc, the list goes on forever. 


In the hyper speed of modern times, it's not about what you consume online, BUT what you DON'T consume online. 


How good are you at deflecting media? That is now a primary skill in becoming an effective human being. 


Can't Get Enough is a song about social media addiction and how it is a legitimately powerful drug we should acknowledge. How do you use it for good while keeping it at arms length? While it is a wonderful time to be alive, we're all trying to find the balance while shielding ourselves from the noise. 


Put the horse blinders on, or it'll be a wobbly and unproductive ride. Let's break free of the phone and live in the present physical space as much as humanly possible:)

*I wrote this track with my good pal Aaron Berg

Cheapest "on-the-go" meals for a happier brain.

Being on a budget and on-the-road, I've been endlessly looking for good cheap food that boosts happiness and energy. Here are the three best mega cheap power eats when you're traveling (or at home). 

*Be sure to read the key details below the drawing :)

 Drawing by Newski   

Drawing by Newski



Plain Yogurt & Nuts: watch out for all the added sugar in so many yogurt brands. That will crush energy and lead to a sulking crash after that nasty siff sugar buzz wears off. I recommend Greek Gods yogurt plain with lots of walnuts added. Massive protein punch. This comes out to about $2 per meal at most.


Hard Boiled Eggs: ultimate breakfast! I like to crack the eggs on my car window (and peel them) in the AM when I'm on the road. Then I put the shells in a plant for fertilizer or give them to a squirrel for a nest. Not the most massive meal ever but 2-3 eggs hold me over for most of the morning. Comes out to about $1 per meal if you're getting good cage free eggs. 


Peanut Butter & Banana: this is great any time of day. The most delicious of the options. Who doesn't love to smash peanut butter for yum yum good times? Get natural PB. This comes to about $.75 per meal. Nice boost in the AM or afternoon. 


PS. I'd be keen to hear your thoughts in the comments section of the new "Ride" video shot over Route 66. 

90's alternative revisited with newski's "Ride" Single & "Stars" EP.

"Loving the very 90s vibe." -The Thermals (Sub Pop, Saddle Creek)

Once I stopped worrying about what other people think and accepted the fact that I'm not one of the "cool kids", life began falling into place. This is a "weirdos unite" song...a tune for the underdog living on the fringe or outside the box. 

What was your moment that inspired you to embrace your weirdness and stop worrying about fitting in? Keen to hear your thoughts in the youtube comments. 


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New EP with Death Cab for Cutie Engineer Beau Sorenson

When I was a little kid in school, graphic arts class was basically the only course I got EXCITED to go to. Drawing and designing without hard guidelines was so liberating in a deeply rigid public school system where it was popular to look down on "arty" quiet kids as "losers" or "weirdos". It was the one safe class where I didn't feel judged. Plus, the teacher let us listen to rad 90's alternative music while we worked (Pixies, Weezer, Wilco, Death Cab, Nada Surf). I wasn't the most talented person in the class, not even close. It was incredible to see the "picked on" quiet kids come out of nowhere and blow people's minds with their talent in graphic arts class. I hope the prodigies in that class are still creating stuff. 


Recently, I've seen a few of my most talented friends quit music or other creative pursuits. It gets me pretty bummed how it's often the most genius creative work that we never actually see. It's the songs or stories or paintings that never leave the basement studio because the people who make them receive little to no encouragement from a society that seems to value the arts less and less all the time. People can only go for so long on their own steam. Every time someone quits what they were born to do, the light gets a little dimmer for everyone.  


So here's the deal. Society will push you around. It will make you feel guilty for being unique, or taking risks, or pushing boundaries. Society looks down upon odd-balls, weirdos & people who don't follow what is "normal" or "status quo". This makes me sad because it keeps so many brilliant minds at bay, too scared to put themselves out there. That's been stirring in my mind quite heavily and I've been venting it into a new EP.  It's about taking risks and embracing those who take them. It's about honoring the weirdos that go on their own ride (or are about to) and light their own road. It's for the ones who decide who they are for themselves, and not based on what others tell them. This EP is called 'The Stars are as Good as a Nightlight' (out Feb 23 on Nomad Union). It is deeply influenced by the 90's alternative music I listened to in graphic arts class. The lead singles were recorded by Death Cab for Cutie engineer Beau Sorenson. Thanks for sticking with me,




*A cd copy of the EP is free with any merch store purchase until Feb 23


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Dates with Folk/Punk Hero Chuck Ragan Announced!

Folk punk armageddon is upon us! West coast dates with punk hero Chuck Ragan (Official) of Hot Water Music are on the books and coming up quick. I love this dude. These venues are quite intimate and the shows are expected to sell out. Chucks fans are famously kind-hearted, unpretentious and people I've really enjoyed being around in the past. Excited to see you all. Score tickets here:


2/14 - The Casbah - San Diego, CA

2/15 - Slidebar - Fullerton, CA

2/16 - Slidebar - Fullerton, CA

2/17 - Pico Union Project - Los Angeles, CA

2/18 - Romanos - Riverside, CA


Chuck Ragan Newski Poster 2018.jpg
Chuck Ragan Newski Poster 2018 red.jpg