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"The Stars are as Good as a Nightlight" EP is Out in the world. Recorded by Death Cab for Cutie Engineer Beau Sorenson...

Once I stopped worrying about what other people think and accepted the fact that I'm not one of the "cool kids", life began falling into place. This is a "weirdos unite" song...a tune for the underdog living on the fringe or outside the box. 

What was your moment that inspired you to embrace your weirdness and stop worrying about fitting in? Keen to hear your thoughts in the Youtube comments. 

Living on four continents in five years,

Brett Newski has existed on the fringe of society & avoided the “American Dream” at all costs. At age 25, he took matters into his own hands by quitting all of his part-time jobs and becoming a full-time nomad, posting up in the nooks & crannies of earth and sub-letting rooms in Vietnam, South Africa, Germany and Wisconsin to write songs & recharge between tours. His sophomore LP Land, Air, Sea, Garage was recorded at a surf camp in the Sri Lankan jungle and at home in Wisconsin. Newski received praise from Rolling Stone, Paste, & The Boston Globe during a 150-date touring year & surpassing his 1000th show. He has been compared to Violent Femmes, Jonathan Richman, They Might be Giants, early Weezer, & Frank Turner.




  • "Loudest acoustic act ever." -Daytrotter


  • "I like the sound and the way he is forcing the world to contend with him." -Brian Ritchie, Violent Femmes


  • "Loving the very 90s vibe." -Hutch Harris, The Thermals (Sub Pop, Saddle Creek)


  • "Good proper Midwestern indie rock." -Matthew Logan Vasquez, Delta Spirit


  • "Newski offers a tough brand of DIY folk music that has evoked comparisons to Billy Bragg." -Boston Globe




Just Announced! Sub-Urban House Concert Tour

Honestly friends, I'm pretty tired of concerts that start at 10 or 11pm. I think mainly it's because I'm starting to really suck at partying. So this spring, we are bypassing the music industry & going straight to the people! I'm pumped to tell you about the 'Sub-Urban House Concert Tour: early shows in odd-ball living rooms, lofts, and cozy basements.' No late-night clubs, just nice n' early shows in cool, intimate spaces. Please share the news with your dork-rock loving pals. Tickets limited to 50 per show. Click image for tickets. 

Dirt was written in Saigon, Vietnam after being ill in a straw hut for 2 weeks with bronchitis. 

Every time someone quits what they were born to do, the light gets a little dimmer for everyone. 

"Bro Country": the worst music genre ever? Or the best? You decide.