Dirt from the road: Brett Newski's Crusty Adventures Youtube Series

CrustyLogoTransparentTo our Friends and Allies across the world, Hello from Bergen, Norway. Many folks have been asking for more video footage from the Hi-Fi D.I.Y. World Tour, so we've decided to launch Crusty Adventures, a Youtube series that gets you inside our tour car, revealing the true dirt from the road and the bizarro places we sleep as a small but rugged, independent band.

We recently acquired our "new" tourmobile, coined Chuck Ragan for its resilience in the face of danger. Entering Scandinavia, we were hit with €130 ferry crossing fee, €50 euro tolls and ol' Chuck was even strip-searched at the Norwegian border. Morale plummeted fast, but all was not lost, we captured episode #1 of Crusty Adventures....

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