Quit Your Job: A song for the overworked American

Almost every American has been trapped in the humdrum routine of 'get up, go to work, go to sleep.' Retire when you're 65. Get as much money as possible while you can. You can see the depression lurking over this country on the faces of it's people. These are leftover ideas from the "American Dream", conforming to the 9-5 because you'll be effed without a stable gig. I've been there; running in circles of anxiety and depression just to break even and pay insurance, grocery and electric bills. "Quit Your Job" is a song for anyone who wants to get free. I believe when you break the cycle, odds are you're going to land on your feet. QUIT YOUR JOB. Freedom is closer than you'd think.

Off the forthcoming album "The Worst of Brett Newski: Songs to sink the American Dream" out April 28 via Nomad Union. Co-written by Jon Shaban from the excellent folk/band band The Shabs (S Africa). ---