Myspace Music invites Brett Newski as "Artist of the Day", Retracts Offer

Photo: Cortney Armitage

Photo: Cortney Armitage

What?! Myspace is still online? Formerly known as a spam-filled graveyard of shady businesses and internet predators, MySpace has been resurrected back into a legitimate music blog. Imagine the excitement that ran thru my soul when they invited me to be their "Artist of the Day" in anticipation of the new album "The Worst of Brett Newski". Myspace sent me a list of homogenized, stock questions which I had endless fun answering. Much to my dismay, their "Artist of the Day" offer was retracted after the interview was "not taken seriously”. For your enjoyment, we’ve decided to publish the hard-hitting journalism that was too risque for the most serious music blog in the game.


Name: Brett Newski / Hometown: Milwaukee, WI / Instruments: one man band


MYSPACE: Tell me about your most recent music project. BN: It's called "the Worst of Brett Newski".


How would you describe your music to people who had never heard it before? For someone who has never been to one of your shows, what can they expect from you as a performer?

Some call it American Folk Armageddon. Some call it indie rock. It's like violent femmes meets early weeZer. Here's how I get pumped before shows:

Who are some of your musical influences? What aspects of their music drew you to them and in what ways did they inspire you?

'Dookie' by Green Day was my first cd. "New miserable experience" by gin blossoms was second. I hate when people make fun of gin blossoms. Best 90s band I tell ya.


From what else do you draw inspiration for your music? Airports and airplanes and trains. I love writing in these places. Except one time in Sri Lanka I was on a train that a large man jumped in front of and exploded. Weirdest day.


What's the songwriting process like? I'm usually pretty anxious and need to chill. What often works is eating a jelly filled long john donut. The high fructose corn syrup immediately suppresses all your anxiety and energy. And then you're depressed, which is good for song making.


What was that defining moment when you knew you were meant to create music and how did you go about it? I lived in vietnam for two years and got paid 3k to make a 30 second music jingle for a tampon ad. That's when I knew.


How did the your unique sound come about? Hey these questions are totally stock.


Tell me about one of the your favorite/most memorable performances. On a tour of South Africa in 2014, I played to 2000 people and then the next night played to two.


What's next for you? Are there any specific goals that you have in mind for the future? I'm at SXSW getting all the free keychains and koozies. Is that how you spell koozies?


Is there anything else you’d like to add about yourself or your music? Yes! This (Crusty Adventures below) is my life summed up in 2 minutes. Thank you MySpace friends!