Brett Newski Officially set to Play Show in the Satanist Church of Iowa

If the last five years haven't been weird enough, it's time to ice the cake. This Friday 5/5/17 marks the first official show at "The First Satanist Church of Iowa", a small house/temple created by local Cedar Rapids maniac, 'Sweet Chucky B.' Satan sounds like a total jerk, but I hear he throws good parties. Honestly I'm not sure where I stand on all this heaven and hell stuff, but I'm excited to officially be playing the weirdest DIY venue of all time.

Chucky B is the most legendary screw ball I met while living in Vietnam. I witnessed Chuck eat cow hearts, chicken feet and stallion cock in his soup. I also watched him strangle out a gang of three Vietnamese men over a road rage altercation in a Saigon.

Probably too brilliant for his own good, Chucky B has officially founded a satanist church. Is he a real satanist? Or is he just in it for the government benefits of being an official religious organization in America? Come and decide for yourself this Friday. The address is 1515 6th Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, IA.

"The Worst of Brett Newski" is a folk/punk album full of energy juice that explodes in your car stereo.


"Worst of Brett Newski" US TOUR

5/5 - Satanist Church of Iowa - Cedar Rapids, IA

5/6 - Des Moines Social Club outside - Des Moines, IA (day 1pm)

5/6 - The Warming House - MPLS, MN (night)

5/9 - Rumba Cafè - Columbus, OH tix

5/11 - Calvin Center for the Arts - Youngstown, OH

5/12 - Fountain Square Brewery - Indianapolis, IN

5/13 - Shank Hall - Milwaukee, WI tix

5/14 - High Noon Saloon - Madison, WI

5/28 - Stone Arch Brew Pub - Appleton, WI