ArtistDirect premieres new video for "Bro Country", examines realities of Macho Culture

"Bro Country" is the hottest musical genre in America at the moment. It's sexy. It's macho. It's catchy. It's polished. It's perfect. Solid gold sing-a-longs performed by wax-chested mega studs that could bend the straightest alpha male non-straight. "Bro Country" is a Hollywood hit machine of formula perfection that hooks deep into the human psyche and never lets go. It is a drug. It is a hard drug. If you are not addicted, you will be soon. So grab a Bud Light, some hair gel, and a barbed-wire tattoo, it's time to get fucked up. Jello shots. Today, ArtistDirect premieres the new video for "Bro Country" off the forthcoming album "The Worst of Brett Newski: Songs to Sink the American Dream" out April 29

IMPORTANT FOOTNOTE: "Bro Country" is also a love song for Taylor Swift.

SALUTE TO DAVE GROHL: Cartoon Dave Grohl makes an appearance at the end. He's been one of the strongest voices encouraging people who play actual live instruments and keep music "human". He deserves a salute.

DISCLAIMER: I got my ass whooped a lot in high school by some of these alpha males, so perhaps the song is a vent as well. Honestly, I was a total pussy in high school and probably deserved it.