New Album Announcement: "The Worst of Brett Newski: Songs to sink the American Dream" out 28 April

Hey Friends, I'm pumped to announce "The Worst of Brett Newski: Songs to sink the American Dream". Some people might love this album. Other people might think it’s a total piece of poo. Whatever you decide is cool. Just continue to live your life. Maybe some of these songs will provide at least minor justice to aspects of society that piss you off. Maybe not…but also maybe so, because even if you don’t like the songs you can use the disc as a Frisbee or just break it over your leg, and that’s justice right there to certain types of folks. “The Worst of Brett Newski” is not a comedy album. It is not an assortment of B-sides. It’s not going to change your life, unless it does. If it does, that’s also great and gives Brett a reason to plow forward into the future and avoid going back to work at Mcdonalds. Have a nice day. -Brett



Underdog indie rock nomad Brett Newski has returned to release his newest LP The Worst of Brett Newski: Songs to Sink the American Dream on April 28th. The album crawls into the minds of our society picking apart the displeasures of outdated ideologies - whether it’s talking about politics ("Make America Great Again"), materialism ("Black Friday Totally Sucks"), or even “manly macho-ism” stereotypes ("Bro Country"). The Worst of Brett Newski provides much needed social commentary in volatile times.

Coming off his most recent album Land, Air, Sea, Garage, which was an exploration of powerpop and indie rock melodies, Newski has changed his tone on this album to a more raunchy folk-punk sound, resonating with the listener by critiquing society’s faults through humor. His sarcastic disposition shines through in the first track “Bro Country” which mocks alpha male country pop stars in a catchy chorus saying, “Kurt Cobain’s a pussy, Taylor Swift is the man”. The appropriately-timed paean to the Austin-based Springtime music convention, “I Don’t Wanna Go To SXSW” changes the pace of the record by skewering the maligned-as-of-late festival in his classic charmingly self-effacing Newski style. The hilarious song “Fuck You Spotify” snarkily addresses the deterioration of the music industry business model of streaming revenue.

There are not many who can be compared to what Brett Newski has accomplished over the years. Whether it’s living on four different continents in five years, or writing jingles for Vietnamese tampon commercials, Newski has clearly proven he thrives off the DIY lifestyle. The former McDonalds employee now makes a living touring around the world driving his shitty car named “Chuck Ragan the Car” from venue to venue as a one man band. Newski has become an anti-hero of sorts who has never played by the rules of the music business, pairing up conventional touring strategies (like playing music venues) with unconventional booking tactics like the “One Man Garage Band Tour” or “Weirdest Venues in the World Tour”, setting up shows in old garages, kitchens, attics, and murder houses.



The Worst of Brett Newski will be independently released on Nomad Union April 28, 2017