VOTE! Help us name our "new" EU car

The Danimal (Manager/Hype Man/Band Psychologist) has arrived in Berlin to meet me for ground zero of the Hi-Fi D.I.Y. tour. This tour takes us all over the world for the next 5 months, from EU to Sri Lanka and Oceania. Hi-Fi D.I.Y. gets underway this week, but the big release show takes place on 15 Oct at the Ramones Museum, Berlin, where we'll be releasing the new Hi-Fi D.I.Y. MiniAlbum and Cigaretiquette 7" Split. These new releases are available on preorder right now, helping us raise funds for the tour and the exorbitant costs of printing and shipping everything. Pick your poison below...

Back to current events:

After a hectic runaround on Tuesday, we are now vehicular in Europe. The hoops an American citizen must jump through to register a car in Germany is like a revolving door with no exit, so we broke through the glass. Our trusty, crusty, Russian mechanic has given us the green light and now we're ready to peel pavement, but first we need your help; Our new tour car needs a name. We have a few ideas already, but feel free to send us your suggestions as well, we'll add them to the list. Pick your favorite three names

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