"The Maths" World Video Premiere

Last year while touring Switzerland, I found myself in a goat barn shooting this music video. Goats were everywhere. Their cowbell necks jingling as they yelled "bahhhhh" across the hay, wallowing in their own shit & licking each others bung holes. Opposite the goats, friends Thomas, Nilo, & Anabel hand painted a beautifully massive art mural that took lord knows how long (respect). We finished the shoot, shared a wee doobie, & went on our way. The video almost never saw daylight, as the editor bailed & the footage was left soaking in an old hard drive for a year. In the knick of time, American bad ass Joe Ramos came on in middle relief to cut the footage & save the day.

The song is originally a balls-to-the-walls folk/punk number written by my South African friend Jon Shaban. He's a Cape Town legend & plays in a band called The Shabeen. We've done several tours in S Africa together & I hold him in the highest regard. As a little indie band, every share of the video helps out. Much respect, Brett