Bummer in Belfast

IMG_20150502_165041 (1)After a smashing great night in Belfast, we found a load of our merch to be stolen. The irony is that the chump stole a box of shirts that say "Please don't be a wanker" on them. Meat heads will be meat heads... In happy news, I'm eating pea soup in Amsterdam & squatting in a 4th floor attic space (thanks Willems, you legend). Last time I was here I bought a bike off a junkie for 13 euros, so I'm going to go pick that up now & ride around.

The "American Folk Armageddon Tour" trucks on thru the Netherlands this week, then Germany & Switzerland through May with Rocky Votolato. We've been on the road in Europe almost 8 weeks and will finish with a Scandinavia run, ending at Working Class Hero Festival in Norway before flying home to Wisconsin. Keep fighting the good fight out there and we'll see you soon.


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