"Tangentially Speaking" with Chris Ryan features "Vs the World"

chris ryan 2 Recently, I've become healthily obsessed with this podcast by fellow nomad Christopher Ryan. Chris is an American author best known for co-authoring the book Sex at Dawn. He's made appearances on "The Joe Rogan Experience" and TED Talks. Chris hosts his own podcast called "Tangentially Speaking" which has garnered critical success and is now 176 episodes deep. This man is a master of finding the zen amidst the wobbly nature of a transient lifestyle, podcasting from South Africa to Thailand to Portland, and in good time, the Moon. Our tune "Vs the World" is featured on this episode with Zach Leary.

The theme of "Vs the World" snuggles right in the wheelhouse of Chris Ryan's Ethos. It's a song about going against the grain, being an underdog, and circumnavigating the world on your own steam.


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