Anxiety Isn't All Bad, Happy Record Store Day

Anxiety gets a bad wrap. It's a crippling evil bastard that takes your brain hostage and runs on irrational fear. While anxiety totally blows in many instances, it also invites a sense of urgency which can be turned into forward progress and motivation. The highs are high. The lows are low. Fortunately, it's these polarizing feelings that lead to good art. The inner dialogue is a beast that must be defeated. That's why "save me from myself" is the most recycled lyric of all time. (note: "save me from myself" is not an actual lyric in the song). Enter "Cigaretiquette:" an "anti-anxiety" song about losing the zen just as quickly as you found it. It was filmed by Russell Grant in Durban, South Africa & Sweet Chucky B in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. South Africa is the first place I started touring & a big motivating factor in pursuing touring for a living. Extra thanks to my Durban pals and all the folks who've helped me along in South Africa.

In honor of record store day, here's a special on the Cigaretiquette 7" vinyl split with Blessed Feathers (AZ). Cheers to a happy and low-stress 2016.

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