Crusty Adventures #13 - Around the World in 155 Days

After riding rickety trains across Sri Lanka, Brett & Danimal make it all the way to Australia, where they loiter in the slacker suburbs of Melbourne and plan for the US release of the "Hi-Fi DIY" EP. It's the home stretch of a 5 month world tour where they'll surpass their 930th show in Sydney.

A Personal Note

This has been a long adventure circling around the globe, with plenty of soaring highlights and some deflating moments. We hit it hard in Europe for three straight months–the longest consecutive tour I've ever endured. Sri Lanka brought some much needed decompression in paradise (maybe a little too much). Now the return to America is on the horizon while we soak up blazing heat of Australia. This will be the last episode of Crusty Adventures season 1 as we prepare to launch Hi-Fi DIY in the US and regroup for our second season over the next few weeks. Making these episodes has been loads of laughs and hours of work. We sincerely hope you enjoy watching them and sharing the adventures with us, while we plow across planet Earth. If you're a fan, feel free to share these Crusty Adventures.

Much Respect,

Brett & The Danimal