Americans Still Prefer YouPorn to Your Band, Studies Say: New EP Trailer

A friend/acquaintance of mine named Ezra Furman once explained to me the brutality of touring in America. Coining it as the "gauntlet", the US is a place where entertainment options are infinite and listener attention spans are at record lows. BUT it's the best time to be a music fan, a free-for-all rock buffet where Spotify is responsible for even more girth than General Tao's Chicken. For artists, it's us vs YouTube. Us vs the bar. Us vs Netflix. These are all seemingly undefeatable enemies, BUT if we hit the garage hard enough and practice, the live experience is irreplaceable. So cheers to you show-goers out there. When the rest of America stayed home and watched YouPorn, YOU came out to experience something REAL that cannot be replaced by any turbo 7G internet system. On behalf of touring bands everywhere, we are honored, humbled and thankful to you for keeping live music alive.

Hi-Fi D.I.Y. comes out Feb 19 in the US. We haven't toured the USA in over a year & are amped to see you guys. Much respect, Brett & Danimal

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