Every Country in the World Video Project!

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Hey Pals, this morning I'm announcing my most ambitious music video project to date, "195 pretty good dance moves."

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I'm gathering footage of my friends and allies dancing in EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Yes, all 195 countries. This video is going to be insane if we can pull it off! Obviously I don't have friends in every country, so I need your help...

We've already got footage from Sweden, South Africa, Austria and Argentina.

This is a massive mission, but with your help we can crush it. The good news is its easy peasy to shoot. Here is a link to the facebook group. Please join up if you're keen to contribute footage or connections. Below are the easy directions to submit. :)


We can use this group as a checklist. It also has basic guidelines for the footage.

*If you have friends (or friends of friends) in smaller, "lesser known" countries, I'd love if you could connect us.

This is gonna be dope! Thanks everyone ❤️

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Subject: Denmark Ride Video