How I Got kicked out of Wal-Mart

It is a sad day for rock n roll. I have officially become the first documented indie artist to be kicked out of Wal-Mart for playing an unlicensed show. 

On a lazy summer Saturday, my drummer Spatola and I decided it was time we made our Wal-Mart debut, playing an impromptu show for unsuspecting shoppers at America's bohemoth buying warehouse. 

We bum rushed thru the entrance and blasted into the tune "Can't Get Enough".

Much to my surprise, 75% of people loved it, while only 25% hated our guts. Multiple staff members got pretty angry. 

Keen to hear which places you think we should "Bum Rush" next. Drop your thoughts in the comments. :)

This "Dork Rock Bum Rush" was a blast and something we are going to do more of. These videos will premiere on YouTube, so feel free to subscribe to the Newski Youtube channel if you want more BUM RUSH.





6/15 - Steel Bridge Song Fest - Door County, WI
6/19 - Rockford, IL
6/21 - Chicago, IL
6/29 - Berwyn, IL

7/4 - Summerfest - Milwaukee, WI (w/ PIXIES)

7/19 - Oshkosh, WI w/ Manchester Orchestra

7/20 - Sturgeon Bay, WI w/ Ike Reilly

7/28 - Eau Claire
8/15 - Horicon, WI
8/18 - Yorkville, IL
8/25 - Lacrosse, WI

EUROPE (all full band except Norway) 
12 Sept - Flekkejford, NO
13 Sept - Drammen, NO
14 Sept - Hamburg, DE (industry only)
16 Sept - Saarbrucken, DE
18 Sept - Leipzig, DE
19 Sept - Marburg, DE
20 Sept - Munster, DE
21 Sept - Bad Bentheim, DE#
23 Sept - Essen, DE#
24 Sept - Berlin, DE#
27 Sept - Munich, DE
28 Sept - Tubingen, DE
3 Oct - Graz, AT
4 Oct - Zurich, CH
5 Oct - Rorschach, CH
6 Oct - Nyon, CH
10 Oct - Luxembourg, DE
11 Oct - Amsterdam, NL*
13 Oct - Katwijk, NL*



*with @backgammon
#with Chloe Hawes