The thing that threatens our sanity most


Panic attacks were becoming pretty routine. I'd have 8 windows open on my computer all at once. A new email would come in and completely derail me from what I was working on. By the end of the day I'd have worked 10 hours with no visible progress. It was taxing to have little control over my own brain.


How do you focus on anything with the relentless bombardment of media from all sides all the time? It's a digital mine field of instagrams, amazon offers, free new music, emails, bla bla blah etc, the list goes on forever. 


In the hyper speed of modern times, it's not about what you consume online, BUT what you DON'T consume online. 


How good are you at deflecting media? That is now a primary skill in becoming an effective human being. 


Can't Get Enough is a song about social media addiction and how it is a legitimately powerful drug we should acknowledge. How do you use it for good while keeping it at arms length? While it is a wonderful time to be alive, we're all trying to find the balance while shielding ourselves from the noise. 


Put the horse blinders on, or it'll be a wobbly and unproductive ride. Let's break free of the phone and live in the present physical space as much as humanly possible:)

*I wrote this track with my good pal Aaron Berg