Cheapest "on-the-go" meals for a happier brain.

Being on a budget and on-the-road, I've been endlessly looking for good cheap food that boosts happiness and energy. Here are the three best mega cheap power eats when you're traveling (or at home). 

*Be sure to read the key details below the drawing :)

Drawing by Newski   

Drawing by Newski



Plain Yogurt & Nuts: watch out for all the added sugar in so many yogurt brands. That will crush energy and lead to a sulking crash after that nasty siff sugar buzz wears off. I recommend Greek Gods yogurt plain with lots of walnuts added. Massive protein punch. This comes out to about $2 per meal at most.


Hard Boiled Eggs: ultimate breakfast! I like to crack the eggs on my car window (and peel them) in the AM when I'm on the road. Then I put the shells in a plant for fertilizer or give them to a squirrel for a nest. Not the most massive meal ever but 2-3 eggs hold me over for most of the morning. Comes out to about $1 per meal if you're getting good cage free eggs. 


Peanut Butter & Banana: this is great any time of day. The most delicious of the options. Who doesn't love to smash peanut butter for yum yum good times? Get natural PB. This comes to about $.75 per meal. Nice boost in the AM or afternoon. 


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