The One Year Anniversary of Getting Blackmailed

Hello from Prague. It's been a year since getting Blackmailed in Germany and morale has never been higher. After a blackmail-free Euro tour, I'm coming home to release a new record.

In the hyper speed world of 2016, I realize there are infinite albums coming out every year and I'm grateful for you guys that stick with me through the clutter. Entering the sixth week of European tour, I'm getting more and more stoked to get home and bring the new record, Land Air Sea Garage, to US soil on Nov 1. The second video/single "Mind at Large" features my scrawny ass cruising Germany on a Segway, pissing off locals and destroying pavement.

As Spotify pays roughly 1 cent for every 120 plays, we rely heavily on album sales to keep the ship afloat. To save us from Spotify, you can pre-order Land Air Sea Garage ahead of the release date–you'll also receive a free copy of the "Hi-Fi DIY" EP.

As Jack Black once said, "the road is fucking hard". Seeing your faces at these shows eases the beatings :)

Much respect,