Legends of the Hidden Temple (Cambodia 2/2)

Cambodia - 2010

Remember 90's Nickelodeon hit show "Legends of the Hidden Temple"? I loved that show and everything about it. BUT the one thing that always bothered me was the limited play time the child contestants got in the fun-zone obstacle course that was the show's set. What a huge waste of a bohemian Chucky Cheese playland that had rock climbing walls instead of crowded tubes and fake quicksand instead of puke-crusted ball pits.Today I fulfilled a childhood dream of mine. I climbed through the set of Legends of the Hidden Temple. Not the actual television set, the REAL DEAL. Ancient stone buildings of Anchor Wat (in Siem Riep, Cambodia), with Tekken faces and secret blowguns that shoot at you when you try to replace the golden relic with a bag of sand. I have to believe Harrison Ford spent some time here to get into character back in the 80's. These temples were constructed by some mighty men around 1250, and remain in prime shape. DSCN0469We rented a Lewis (cabby) for the day who took us to an assortment of cool temples. Vanessa was wearing short shorts, so the staff would not allow her Buddha-disrespecting smooth legs into the holy fortresses. We are on lunch break now, on our way to a floating village outside of town, with streets of water that flow like...swill water.