New Album Incoming! Land Air Sea Garage

Posting up in the Sri Lankan jungle for three weeks, my manager Danimal and I were putting the finishing touches on a new album called Land Air Sea Garage. We were on the final leg of a 3.5-month world tour across Europe, Asia, Australia, and America, playing shows while simultaneously writing, recording, and mixing an LP. It was a completely manic, yet cathartic effort. The process tested the limits of our willpower, friendship, physical stamina and mental toughness. By the end of tour we had circumnavigated the world once over, assembling 11 songs across four continents. Finally, the album is nearly complete!

Land Air Sea Garage maintains the tenets of minimalism while adding a few more layers and corners than "American Folk Armageddon." Make My Day Records will release the album in Europe on 18 August. Danimal and I will be touring the EU for 7 weeks before returning to American soil for a November 4 US release date and tour.

Costs associated with Land Air Sea Garage are substantial and we've launched a two-part campaign to recoup losses and launch the album into the world. Your support is more than welcome and totally optional. :)

Massive thanks to all the guest musicians, gracious hosts, and loyal friends & supporters who have helped us stay alive in this brutal industry and kept us on the road. See you guys out there.

Much love,