Help us name our American tourmobile

After a month off, The Danimal and I are back on the road. Morale has reached new heights in the wake of last weekend's back-to-back hometown shows in Madison and Milwaukee, followed by our infamous appearance on Des Moines' KCWI 23 morning news. Much respect to all our super buddies and allies for kicking this tour off properly. Iowa has been good to us this last week and tonight we team up with Kiernan McMullan and Carter Hulsey at Martyr's in Chicago. We're riding across the cuntry inside The Danimal's electric steed and per tradition, our tourmobile needs a name. We erected a list of names during our trek across Iowa, but welcome your ideas too. Pitch us your write-ins and we'll add them to the list below. The polls are open, the vote is on. Pick your top three favorites...

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Brett Newski on the KCWI 23 Great Day morning show Des Moines