Crusty Adventures #6 - Brett Goes Back to Work at McDonald's

At the age of 13, I began employment at my local McDonalds, flipping burgers and greasing the fry-o-later after school. My mission was to take my $5.15/hour and buy an electric guitar. Working at McDonalds was a really fun gig, and in this episode of "Crusties", I go back to my roots to experience if that fast-food still tastes like the gold of old. Nostalgia plays tricks on you...

A Personal Note

morale meter 01 gloryThe blackmail situation is finally behind us. A massive wave of support from friends across the globe helped us recoup the losses within two days. It's that caliber of camaraderie that digs us out of the soul-crushing lows that inevitably surface when touring. Thank you for keeping the tour alive, we'd be well fucked without you.

Much respect, Brett & Danimal