Crusty Adventures #4 - "Brett Goes To Scandinavia"

Brett & Danimal plow huge drives across Norway & Sweden where they run out of money, light their brakes on fire, & drink skunky beer with insane Norwegian lumberjacks. The Hi-Fi DIY World tour continues...

Where we're at...

morale meter 02 stableWe've been back to Berlin four times on this tour. Once for shows, thrice to register Chuck Ragan the Car with the German auto authorities. Long story short, we now own the right to bear Chuck Ragan The Car on the roads of Deutschland. Morale took a big dive earlier this week, but things have returned to normal following the successful mission to Berlin, topped off with an amazing Death Cab show (Thanks again Zarah and Eve!)

A Personal Note

We're having a lot of fun making Crusty Adventures for you. It's still very new, but it's the best way for us to share travels and weird misadventures with our friends & family around the world. If you enjoy these as much as we enjoy making them, please share them with your friends & family and send us any ideas for future Crusties.

much respect,

Brett & The Danimal