Top 10 female artists who influenced my career (so far)

Sheryl Crow

My childhood would've rocked far less hard without Sheryl. In high school I learned how to play “All I Wanna Do”. Some bully made fun of me extensively. I believe he is now working at Burger King and I believe I am still playing Sheryl Crow songs in my room. 


Courtney Barnett

Courtney is the undisputed captain of quirky indie rockage at the moment. It’s not often you see someone this clever amount such mass success (there is justice in the world!) 

A few years ago I traveled to Australia to visit my girlfriend who ended up breaking up with me on the second day. I ran into Courtney and her band and they took me out for beers and a tour of Melbourne. C-Barns is a class act and one of the hardest working humans in the game.

Sarah Mclachlan

As a little kid, I bet I played “Building a Mystery” and “Sweet Surrender” 600x on my discman. I wore those discs down to gravy. Eventually, I’d cover “Building a Mystery” at a high school talent show. “They can take our scene cred, but they can never take our freedom.” 

Aimee Mann

I discovered “Lost in Space” by Aimee Mann while working in a used CD shop at the age of 18. I made $6.50 per hour but scored this record in the process, so while I didn't break even driving to work, at least I scored this record. There are few perfect records in the world. This is one. 


Lucy Dacus

Known by some as “Librarian Rock”, Lucy is a wholesome, big hearted person who blends grunge guitar tone with an airy sooooper noice female voice.  “Librarian Rock” might be my new favorite genre. 

Big Thief

Very few times have I ever put covers on my records. Big Thiefs “Masterpiece” was an exception. Lead person Adrianne Lenker wrote a perfect grunge song, and I did my best to bring justice to that tune with my sad bastard acoustic version. 


Heartless Bastards

Very regretful I didn't discover HB sooner. Captain songwriter Erika Wennerstrom is an indie underground legend and no one on earth can imitate her voice. They are their own band and have never succumbed to any “formula” writing or predictable radio production, even after a long career.   

Frankie Cosmos

If Weezer had a tiny little sister band, it’d be Frankie. Another clever clever band that has garnered well deserved love. I think the world is finally coming back around to quality lyrics and dork rock. 



I stumbled upon Tristan via an Ezra Furman show in 2012. A friend of Ezra is a friend of mine. Tristan is a next-level melody writer and a staple in the Nashville scene.



Sharon Van Etten

Sharon provides the perfect introspective soundtrack to stare at the ceiling to. I put on her tracks when I want to think about nothing at all, which is a tricky place to get to.