JUST ANNOUNCED! Canadian Music Week Festival in Toronto

Photo: Cortney Armitage

Photo: Cortney Armitage

*This post originally appeared on www.cmw.net


Hello friends. I'm making my Canadian Debut May 9-12 at Canadas Largest music festival. Also playing are Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Billy Talent, Mad Caddies, Sloan, the Dirty Nil, and heaps more. CMW asked a few quick hitter questions below. 


What is your favourite show you’ve played to date? 

Touring with Violent Femmes was pretty nuts. I remember learning their songs as a 13-year old little sad emo kid in my bedroom. I’m honored that they’ve taken me under their wing. As I get older, I get less emo/depressed but more anxious. Listening to songs in my bedroom is still the best medicine.


What are you listening to right now?

Nada Surf, The Thermals, Norm Macdonald, Will Varley, Matthew Logan Vasquez (delta sprit), KOLARS, Chuck Ragan, Ike Reilly. Anything influenced by 90’s alternative is a big love.


What is your favourite thing about your home city?

The $5.95 thai kitchen lunch special in Milwaukee is the top of the mountain. It relieves my anxiety by making me sleepy after the feast.


If you had to make a taco with only 3 ingredients, which would you choose?

Well, meat in America can be pretty scary and unregulated. So I’ll go with greens and then just a large pile of sauce.


What are you most looking forward to at CMW this year?

Drinking coffee with Kevin Hearn from Barenaked Ladies. They were the first band I ever loved as a kid.