Save Crusty Adventures! Join the Dream Team.

Today is one of the most important days in my career, because I’m launching the DREAM TEAM here on Patreon (link in navigation above). The DREAM TEAM is a monthly subscription for those of you who want to keep me on the road. As most of you know, I make my living touring, playing shows all over planet earth. It’s been a wonderful and insane five years, but the realities of touring is that it’s really hard on the body and mind & it’s brutally expensive. While I love it more than anything, these aspects of tour will inevitably lead to burn out. 

If you want to help this thing grow, your support allows me to stay on the road and release a new season of Crusty Adventures. So far, Danimal and I have filmed Crusty Adventures with zero budget and it's been hard to keep up. With your support, we are going to invest in a real camera, better editing programs and travel to crazier places to make Crusty Adventures way better! Then we will release season 3. 

See you on the long and lonesome road and thank you so much.