Anxiety Anthem for a Wobbly America: Video Premiere!

With the tragic events of Las Vegas and Tom Petty unfolding recently, I've contemplated whether or not to even send this. Sometimes ones inner personal battles can seem mighty irrelevant compared to national tragedies that affect thousands if not millions of people. But when you factor in the fragile political climate on top of all these unforeseen tragedies, I realized many people might be feeling the same vulnerable feelings of powerlessness, so it seems appropriate to share this now. 

Overall, the last 5 years have been mentally wobbly. After graduating just after the financial crises of 08', the lack of employment opportunities led me to skip out on America and wander thru foreign lands to "figure things out" by myself. Three month long tours ridden with panic attacks, mental wobbles and even paranoia brought valuable lessons about how to work with an "overactive" brain in a period of helplessness. There were plenty of moments where I thought about turning back, but it was pretty clear I'd come too far to put my tail between my legs and go home. 

While above-average levels of anxiety is something I'll always deal with, spending less time alone has helped me understand the patterns in my head and accept the fact that humans aren't built to be happy 100% of the time. We are not our minds. Our minds are just a glitchy GPS that sometimes spazes out and sends us down the wrong road. I guess what I'm saying is...solo time is important to learn oneself, BUT have too much of it and you will get lost in your own racing mind. Find your people. Even if it's just one or two or three. Find the people who bring a calming presence and help you relax. These are your pals for life. They will cure your brain from anxiety and paranoia in an ever shakey world.

Here's a new video for a song I wrote when I was paranoid and absurdly anxious.

If you find this video helpful or fun, please share with buddies. Animation by Michael Way of Cartoon Crumbs. Hope to see you at one of the shows with Violent Femmes this month,