Before We All Become Cyborgs / Cassette Release

TapeReleaseShowLet's face it, we're all going to be robots in a few years. The times are moving at hyper-speeds as we Pitchfork each other with our whatsapp & snapchats, seeking endless smart phoner boners in 6G technology. June 18 is a throwback to the analog age, as Breadking releases Brett Newski's "Hi-Fi D.I.Y", a cassette tape with 6 tracks that do not exist online. These songs can only be heard on this tape. They are not available anywhere else; not on Youtube, not on iTunes, not at Hot Topic, but maybe at your neighbors garage sale. So come out and celebrate being a lady or a dude or a lady dude but not a cyborg.

$7 at the door ($10 with a tape)

with opening acts: Ugly Brothers + King Courteen