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"Black Taxi Car" Video Premiere + "Hi-Fi D.I.Y." Mini-Album Announced

The lead video/single Black Taxi Car was shot in Cape Town, ZA by my pals in the rock outfit, Shortstraw (Johannesburg). I'm pretty obsessed with South Africa. Vibes are chill and people don't live to work. Initially going there truly opened my eyes to the "rat race" back home. America can be great, but one must leave it to realize the unhealthy hyper-speed at which it operates, especially in the music industry.

I wrote the song with Eric McFadden (George Clinton/Parliament Funkadelic) after my van was stolen in Detroit. It is not literally about one's van getting stolen, but it is about questioning your life entirely, which tends to happen after your van gets stolen. Other musicians on the record include Nicole Rae (Traveling Suitcase), Leroy Deuster.

The Hi-Fi D.I.Y. Mini Album

Hi-fi DIY ep productHi-Fi D.I.Y. is dedicated to any band who's ever played a crap show, on a crap night to 4 people that didn't give a crap. This album is about taking matters into your own hands, waiting for no man, and not becoming a victim of "the American Dream". There are no rules anymore. "Success" & "failure" are just words created by old dead white guys. Time is not money. We waste time chasing money and adhering to old dead white guys. Record labels come and go, Hi-Fi D.I.Y. is about self-sustaining when the musical apocalypse hits.

Hi-Fi D.I.Y. is a mini-album produced by Milwaukee hero & Violent Femmes co-founder Victor DeLorenzo & will be released October 15 at the Ramones Museum in Berlin, Germany.


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